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Ftherm@SPX Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Votator Machine Economic Type China Supplier

For many years, we have been raising productivity, lowering production costs, and delivering Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers products with affordable price and excellent quality for a wide range of processing industries. With SSHEs, companies in the food, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and allied industries have reduced labor costs and increased production efficiency.
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Equipment Description

SSHEs continue to replace many slow, inefficient batching operations with more uniform, controllable, and repeatable continuous processing.

SSHEs’ superior heat transfer performance and ability to handle a wide range of viscosities makes it the clear choices over tubular or massive plate heat exchangers in viscous applications.

Standard SSHE is a new type of scraped surface heat exchanger that can be used to heat and cool products of various viscosities, especially suitable for extremely viscous and viscous products. It has strong quality, economical hygiene, high heat transfer efficiency, and affordable features.

•Compact structure design

•Solid shaft connection (60mm) structure

•Durable blade material and technology

•High precision machining technology

•Solid heat transfer tube material and inner hole processing

•The heat transfer tube can be disassembled and replaced separately

•Gear motor drive - no couplings, belts or sheaves

•Concentric or eccentric shaft mounting

•GMP, ASME design standard; FDA optional

Industrial Applications

Heat Sensitive Products– Products which are degraded by prolonged exposure to heat are effectively processed in Ftherm® X Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers.  The scraper blades prevent product from remaining on the heat transfer surface by continuously removing and renewing the film.  Because only a small amount of product is exposed to heat for just a short time, burn-on is minimized or eliminated.

Viscous Products– Ftherm® X Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers process viscous products far more efficiently than conventional plate or tubular heat exchangers.  Product film is continually scraped from the heat transfer wall to induce high heat transfer rates; constant agitation causes turbulent flow and more consistent heating or cooling; pressure drop is effectively controlled by the product annulus area; agitation eliminates stagnant areas and product build-up; and cleaning is easier.

Particulate-Laden Products– Products with particulates which tend to plug conventional heat exchangers are handled easily in Ftherm® X Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers, and the particulates maintain maximum product identify.

Crystallized Product– Products which crystallize are ideal candidates for Ftherm® X Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger processing. As product crystallizes on the heat transfer wall, the scraper blades remove it and keep the surface clean.

 Chemical Processing– The chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries can employ Ftherm® X general categories.

1.  Heating and Cooling: Processing very viscous materials is not a problem for the Ftherm® X Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger.  The product film is scraped from the hot or cold tube surface many times a minute, preventing a fouled or frozen layer from forming to block further heat transfer.  The total product flow area is generous, so pressure drop is minimized.

2. Crystallization: The Ftherm® X Heat Exchanger can be used as a sidearm cooler, cooling a batch tank to the saturation temperature where solutes begin to crystallize.  Recirculating through the heat exchanger at a high flow rate produces seed crystals that grow large enough to separate after the final temperature is reached.  Waxes and other products that completely solidify can be cooled almost to the melting point in a one-pass operation, then filled into molds, deposited on cold belts, or pelletized using additional equipment.

3. Reaction Control: Chemical reactions can be driven by the controlled addition of heat using a Ftherm® X Heat Exchanger.  For exothermic reactions, the heat exchanger removes the heat of reaction to prevent degradation of the product or unwanted side reactions. The heat exchanger can be operated at pressures up to 870 psig (6MPa).

4. Any of the Above with Aeration or Mixing: The Ftherm® X Heat Exchanger delivers intense mixing to the product as it flows along the rotating shaft, so that a gas can be incorporated into a product at the same time that it is heated or cooled.  A foamed material can be manufactured by addition of gas, rather than by relying on a chemical reaction to generate the gas bubbles as a by-product.  The mixing action also promotes uniform distribution of crystals in a matrix or improves reaction kinetics by intimately mixing the reactants.

Technical Specification

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger components are manufactured in a variety of configurations and materials so that each unit can be assembled to meet the specific processing requirement of each application.  All pressure elements are designed in accordance with GMPCFIA3A or ASME code requirements and can be FDA certified. 

Standard Design

SPX series Scraped-surface heat exchanger utilities a modular design for vertical mounting on a wall or column and includes:

  • Compact structure design

  • Solid shaft connection (60mm) structure

  • Durable blade material and technology

  • High precision machining technology

  • Solid heat transfer tube material and inner hole processing

  • The heat transfer tube can be disassembled and replaced separately

  • Gear motor drive - no couplings, belts or sheaves

  • Concentric or eccentric shaft mounting

  • GMP, 3A and ASME design standard; FDA optional

Working temperature : -30°C~ 200°C

Maximum working pressure

Material side           :           3MPa (430psig), optional 6MPa (870psig)

Media side              :           1.6 MPa (230psig),optional 4MPa (580 psig)


The inner cylinder diameter are 152 mm and 180mm


The maximum flow rate is application specific and determined by the temperature program, the product properties and type of duty


The heating surface is normally made of stainless steel, (SUS 316L), honed to a very high finish on the inner surface. For special applications different types   of chrome coatings are available for the heating surface. The scraping blades are available in stainless steel and different types of plastic materials including a metal detectable type. The blade material and configuration is selected based on the application. Gaskets and O-rings are made of Viton, nitrile or Teflon. Suitable material will be selected for each application. Single seals, flushed (aseptic) seals are available, with material selection depending on the application

Optional equipment 

  • Drive motors of different types and different power configurations, also in explosion - proof design

  • The standard heat transfer tube material is carbon steel chrome-plated,316L stainless steel , 2205 duplex stainless steel , pure nickel are optional

  • Optional Shaft diameters(mm)160, 150, 140, 130, 120, 110, 100

  • Optional the products flow from the center of the shaft

  • Optional high torque SUS630 stainless steel transmission spline shaft

  • Optional High Pressure mechanical seal up to 8MPa (1160psi)

  • Optional Water tempered shaft

  • The standard type is horizontal installation, and vertical installation is optional

  • Optional Eccentric shaft

  • 型号 换热面积 间隙 长度 刮板 尺寸 功率 耐压 转速
    Model Heat   Exchanger Surface Area Annular   Space Tube  Length Scraper Qty Dimension Power Max. Pressure Main Shaft Speed
    Unit M2 mm mm pc mm kw Mpa rpm

    SPX18-220 1.24 10-40 2200 16 3350*560*1325 15   or 18.5 3   or 6 0-358
    SPX18-200 1.13 10-40 2000 16 3150*560*1325 11   or 15 3   or 6 0-358
    SPX18-180 1 10-40 1800 16 2950*560*1325 7.5   or 11 3   or 6 0-340

    SPX15-220 1.1 11-26 2200 16 3350*560*1325 15   or 18.5 3   or 6 0-358
    SPX15-200 1 11-26 2000 16 3150*560*1325 11   or 15 3   or 6 0-358
    SPX15-180 0.84 11-26 1800 16 2950*560*1325 7.5   or 11 3   or 6 0-340
    SPX18-160 0.7 11-26 1600 12 2750*560*1325 5.5   or 7.5 3   or 6 0-340
    SPX15-140 0.5 11-26 1400 10 2550*560*1325 5.5   or 7.5 3   or 6 0-340
    SPX15-120 0.4 11-26 1200 8 2350*560*1325 5.5   or 7.5 3   or 6 0-340
    SPX15-100 0.3 11-26 1000 8 2150*560*1325 5.5 3   or 6 0-340
    SPX15-80 0.2 11-26 800 4 1950*560*1325 4 3   or 6 0-340

    SPX-Lab 0.08 7-10 400 2 1280*200*300 3 3   or 6 0-1000
    SPT-Max 4.5 50 1500 48 1500*1200*2450 15 2 0-200

    注意:超高压机型可选最高耐压 8MPa,电机功率最大为 22kW. 
    Note:   High Pressure model can provide pressure environment up to 8MPa(1160PSI)with a motor power of 22KW(30HP)

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