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Milk powder can filling & packing line in milk production industry

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Milk powder can filling & packing line in milk production industry

Main type

The automatic packaging production line is divided into three types: series, parallel and hybrid according to the arrangement of the packaging machine. Generally, there are many production lines in series and hybrid;  according to the characteristics of the packaging machine, it can be divided into three types: rigid, flexible and semi-flexible production lines.

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1. Rigid production line. All the packaging processes of the packaged materials on the production line are directly transferred from the previous packaging machine to the next packaging machine. All the machines work according to the same cycle. If one of the packaging machines fails, the other machines should be shut down.

2. Flexible production line. After the packaged product is completed on the production line, it is stored in the intermediate storage device and sent to the next packaging process by the conveying device as needed. Even if a packaging machine in the production line fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the remaining packaging machines.

3. Semi-flexible production line. The production line is composed of several sections, and each packaging machine in each section is rigidly coupled, and the sections are flexibly coupled. Rigid and semi-flexible production lines are more common.

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