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Milk powder sachet packaging technology

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Milk powder sachet packaging technology

The packaging process includes main processes such as filling, wrapping, and sealing, as well as related front and rear processes, such as cleaning, feeding, stacking, and disassembly. In addition, the packaging includes processes such as metering or printing the date on the package.

The use of packaging machinery to package products can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, meet the needs of large-scale production, and meet the requirements of sanitation.

The sealing and packaging machine is a multi-functional packaging machine. The packaging materials of the reel are single-layer and composite. Single-layer such as moisture-proof cellophane, polyethylene, polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, composite such as stretched polypropylene/ Polyethylene, polyethylene / cellophane / aluminum foil.

In addition, there are heat sealable materials, such as pillow seals, three-side seals and four-side seals, and the cartoning machine is used for product packaging.

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The cartoning machine is a machine for selling packaging products, which loads a metered amount of quantitative material into a box and closes or seals the opening portion of the box.

The cartoning machine is used to complete the transportation package, and the packaged product is packed into the box in a certain arrangement and quantitatively, and the opening part of the box is closed or sealed, and the cartoning machine and the cartoning machine have the container forming (or opening the container) ), metering, loading, sealing and other functions.

The flow of the bottle filling line for various beverages is basically similar, but the filling machine and the capping machine are different depending on the nature of the beverage. For example, in addition to the selection of a suitable filling and capping machine, a beer filling line is also provided with a sterilizer. The capping machine selects the corresponding model according to the shape of the cap used (the crown cap, the capping machine, the cap, etc.).

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