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Palm oil Shortening Vegetable Ghee Margarine Processing Line making machine china manufacture

We are the solution provider in engineering design of process and equipment in the food industry. The supplier came with knowledge and experience from Unilever as an experienced engineer (>30 years) in fats and oils processing. We are the top leading supplier of margarine/shortening production equipment in China. We are one of the very few global companies that offers turnkey margarine/shortening/ghee production line for one-stop shopping with guarantee in equipment and production performance. We have teams of experienced technicians to assist in field installation, testing, commissioning and training for our customers.

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Our equipment has the following characteristics:

The performance and technology of our shortening/margarine equipment are basically the same as those of similar equipment in Europe and America (as SPX FLOW ) . Our price is much lower than that of European and American equipment.

We adopts well-known brand equipment accessories to ensure the reliability of overseas customers' equipment and minimize the maintenance time of customers.

Our equipment is a turnkey project to ensure that customers can use our equipment to produce products that customers need to produce.

Compared with the equipment of other Asian manufacturers, our equipment is much more efficient in producing shortening products, which saves a lot of production costs for users.

That's why more than 60% of Chinese users choose our devices.

Processing flowchart description

Our company offers turnkey complete line for one-stop shopping and complete guarantee of all items supplied.  The complete line will be layout and set up in our China factory available for customer’s factory acceptance test at no extra charge.  Changes and modifications will be made prior to shipping to customers.  Alternatively, customer could purchase any individual items to meet their need.  We offer a complete one year warranty to our equipment with free replacement.

General margarine shortening process 

Oil blends and aqueous phase are pre-weighed into two emulsion holding and mixing vessels.  Blending into the holding/ mixing vessels are done by load cells controlled by PLC control computer with touch screen.  Blending computer algorithm is modelled after the sophisticated technology used by Unilever Canada in Toronto.  Each mixing/production tank is equipped with high shear mixer to emulsify the oil and aqueous phases.  The mixer is equipped with variable speed drive to reduce the speed for gentle agitation after emulsification is done.  The two tanks will be used as production tank and emulsification tank alternatively.  The production tank will also function as any product recycle from the production line.  The production tank will be the CIP water/chemical tank for the line CIP cleaning and sanitation.

The oil emulsion from the production tank will pass through a twin filter/strainer to ensure no solid will pass into the final product (GMP requirement).  The filter/strainer operates alternatively for filter cleaning.  The filtered oil emulsion is then passed through a pasteuriser (GMP requirement) which consists of three sections of two plate heaters and one retention pipe.  The first plate heater will heat the oil emulsion up to pasteurisation temperature prior to passing through the retention pipe to provide the necessary holding time.  Any oil emulsion heat to less than the required pasteurisation temperature will be recycled back to the production tank.  The pasteurised oil emulsion will enter into the cooling plate heat exchanger to cool down to approximate 5 ~ 7 degree C above the oil melting point to minimize chilling energy.  The plate heater is heated by central hot water system with temperature control.  The plate cooling is done by cooling tower water with automatic temperature regulation valve and PID loops.

The oil emulsion pumping/transfer, up to this point, is done by two centrifugal pumps in tandem.  Nitrogen metering and injection point is done at the oil emulsion stream after pasteurisation and cooling.  The nitrogen injection head is a custom sanitary design with build in non-clogging check valve.  The nitrogen injection is done at high pressure to ensure gas dissolving completely in the product stream instead of bubbles of different sizes.  This gas injection technology originated from the Unilever Canada Toronto plant, after years of process improvement.  The tandem centrifugal pumps are sized to provide sufficient head and flow volume to satisfy the line CIP requirements.

The oil emulsion is fed into the first chilling cylinder (A unit) to lower the temperature to the desired exit temperature.  Each A unit is equipped with individual flooded direct evaporative cooling system using USA made Parker components.  The cooled oil emulsion is pumped via a positive piston high pressure pump to the first pin worker unit (C unit) for proper conditioning for further chilling.

Our major equipment of Scrap Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHE or A unit or Votator) is modelled after the US Votator with added improvement features from European brand.  All the machine parts (bearing, mechanical seal, scrap blades) are interchangeable with the Votator design of SPX (Votator brand was purchased by SPX).  All electrical motor drives are SEW from Europe.  The same could be said for the Pin Worker (C unit).

All electrical VFD are from Bosch, electrical components are from Schneider, PLC components are from Siemens, motors from ABB.  All parts are import brand and are readily available world wide.  Steam components are from Spirax Sarco.

The other critical component is the Freon compressor and direct evaporative cooling system.  Our Freon compressor uses Hanbell single screw compressor from Taiwan.  Hanbell is world wide available and very popular in North America, Europe and Asia with local representatives.  Our first choice of direct evaporative cooling components are from US Parkers Refrigeration.  It has been my experience that they last well over 15~20 years with minimal maintenance.  The other brand is Danfoss and should be readily available in Europe.  We stock all components and parts in our China factory and could be shipped out in 3 days or less.



Commissioning Picture At Customers' Factory

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