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Secondary Packaging Line

  • Cartonning Machine Carton Packaging Machine for Sachet Bottle China Supplier
    Scope of applicability: this machine is a fully automatic case packer designed and developed by our company specially for bagged powder and granular material, consisted of case erector, case sealer, baling machine, etc., the whole packing line can be optionally equipped with robot palletizer in order to realize unmanned production.
  • Automatic Plastic Bag Secondary Packaging Unit China Manufacturer
    This packaging unit is mainly widely used for packaging of powdery and granular materials such as the washing powder, salt, seeds, milk powder, etc., and is the first choice of large companies.
  • Automatic Woven Bag Secondary Packaging Machine China Manufacturer
    This unit mainly completes the fully-automatic packaging process of packing the packed pouch products into the woven bags in a neat and orderly manner and sewing bags according to the combined requirements. It realizes the fully automatic operation of packaging from small and bulk bags to big woven bags, saving manpower, material and financial resources, reducing production costs for customers, and improving the production efficiency. This unit is widely used for washing powder, salt, seeds, powdery materials like milk powder and granular material packaging, machine for milk powder and other automatic packaging machines, which is the good choice to achieve fully automation for secondary packaging.
  • Automatic Packaging & Palletizing Production Line China Manufacturer
    The fully automatic packaging and palletizing production line consists of automatic weighing and packaging machine, fully automatic bag feeding machine, automatic sewing and sealing machine, weight checker and fully automatic palletizer.
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