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Super-charged Plodder for Translucent Toilet Soap China Supplier

Super-charged plodder for translucent /toilet soap
This is a two-stage extruder. Each worm is speed adjustable. The upper stage is for refining of soap, while the lower stage is for plodding of the soap. Between the two stages there is a vacuum chamber where air is evacuated from the soap to eliminate air bubbles in the soap. The high pressure in the lower barrel make soap compact then the soap is extruded out to form continuous soap bar.
  • 3000SPE-DRVPI-300
  • SP

Product Sample


Sketch Map

Sketch Map

Technical Specification

New features:

1. New developed pressure-boosting worm has increased the refiner’s output by 50% and the plodder has good cooling system and higher pressure, no-reverse movement of soap inside the barrels. Better refining is achieved;

2. Frequency controls for both upper and lower worms, make operation more easy;

3. Best quality gear reducers are used. In this plodder two gear reducers are supplied by Zambello, Italy;

Mechanical design:

1. Worms speed: upper 5-18 r/min, lower 5-18 r/min both are adjustable.

2. All parts in contact with soap are in stainless steel 304,316 or 321;

3. Worm diameter is 300 mm, made from aviation wear-resisting and corrosion-resting aluminum alloy;

4. Worm barrel is from high-strength, pressure-withstand stainless steel, light in weight and convenient to clean. The barrels have good cooling system;

5. Gear reducer is supplied by Zambello, Italy;.

6. Igus engineering plastic shaft sleeve is used for worm support. The plastic is wear resist and can stand high pressure;

7. Cooling water consumption: 5 m3/h. 10±3


1. Switches, contactors are supplied by Schneider, France;

2. Outlet cone heating 1.5 kW, the heating is auto on/off controlled by a sensor.

3. Frequency controls are supplied by ABB, Switzerland.

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