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Toilet Soap Laundry soap Pillow Packaging Machine China Manufacturer

This machine will be in conformity with CE, and its control to CS standard.
The soap cakes from single-blade cutter with engraving rolls of from stamper coming into automatic feeder of the wrapping machine, forming a row in belt and will be wrapped in the machine.
Max.film width:450 mm
Speed:20-200 piece/min
Length of pack:75-370 mm
Pack width:20-140 mm
Pack height:5-60 mm
Total installed power:3.6 kW

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Product Sample


Sketch Map

Sketch Map

Technical Specification


This machine is can be widely used in many industries. It is specific for automatic single, double or triple paper wrapping of rectangular, round and oval shaped like toilet soaps, chocolate, food etc. Soaps from stamper enter the machine through the in-feed conveyor and transferred into the pocketed belt by the 5 rotary clampers turret, then paper cutting, soap pushing, wrapping, heat sealing and discharging.

The whole machine is controlled by PLC, highly automatic and adopts touch screen for easy operation and setting. Centralized oil lubrication with pump. It can be connected not only by all kinds of stampers upstream, but also downstream packaging machines for whole line automation.

This machines is upgraded model based on Italian soap wrapping machine type, not only meeting all the performance of soap wrapping machine, but also combining the most advanced packaging machine area transmission and control technologies with better performance.

1.适用范围 Application

产品类型Type          香皂soap

产品外形Shape        顶面、底面、左侧面、右侧面要尽量平


Try to be flat on top, bottom and sideEgg shape is not applicable because not easy to seal

产品尺寸Size           LxWxH = (70-140) x (35-65) x (25-37)mm


For other special size, please inform in advance

包装速度Speed        140-160/分钟


包装材料Material      内衬纸:白卡纸



Inner paper: white cardboard      

Outside paper: composite heat-melt packing paper

Inner roller paper diameter: 76mm, max out diameter smaller than 350mm

封口形式Sealing       热烫封口 


2.工作流程及功能 Working process and function

1.      产品从前方连续进入到设备的进料输送线;

Product comes into the input conveyor from up-stream machines continuously

2.      特殊设计的4工位吸皂机构将产品逐个放入到输送链中;

Special-designed 4-phase soap sucking mechanism will place the soaps to conveying chain one by one

3.      外包装纸和内包装纸,同时被切好,然后在产品进入选装器时,将内外包装纸同时顶入到旋转器中;

When the products come into the packer, the out and inner paper will be cut at same time and be pushed in to rotary

4.      在旋转180度以后,产品被推入到通道中,在此过程,实现包装纸的折叠和热封;

After rotating for 180 degree, the product will be pushed into the conveyor, during the process, packing paper will be folded and heat sealed

5.      封口后,产品被输出。

After sealing, products will be conveyed out by output coneyor

注意产品出来时,是底部朝上方的。Please note that when products come out, bottom side faces up.

3.设备介绍 Introduction


1)      人员安全:安全门开关、安全防护罩壳、E-stop、隔离开关等保护人员免受可能的伤害;

Human safety: equipment like door safety switch, protection shied, E-stop and isolation switch will keep operator from danger

2)      设备安全:采用变频调速,设置过载保护,同时,主驱具有扭力限制保护功能,通过卡盘与卡盘座之间的离合器,由弹簧进行扭力机械限制,尽可能地保护设备;

Machine safety: equipped with frequency speed changing and overload protection. Meanwhile, main driver has torsion limitation protection function, the spring will restrict the torsion through clutch between cartridge and cartridge set to protect the machine

操作简单Easy to operate

1)      PLC集中控制,并可与上下游设备进行通讯和联机,实现整线自动化控制;

Central controlled by PLC, and can be connect and communicate with up-stream and down-stream machines to make whole line automatic

2)      触摸屏HMI,方便参数调整等操作,并可显示所有的故障信息;

Equipped with touching screen and HMI, easy to adjust the parameter, all error info can be displayed

3)      刻度尺、读数器等可视化的不同产品尺寸转换调节机构,1个熟练工人约15分钟即可完成;

Equipped with visible adjusting mechanism like dividing rule and reader and a skilled worker can finish adjusting for about 15 minutes.

4)      具有点动手持盒,可以在区域内牵引移动,非常方便进行设备的电动控制以及设备运行观测;

Equipped with jog control, the machine can run by traction, easy to electrically control the machine and observe the running condition

独特设计Unique design

1)      4工位的吸皂机构由一个独立的电机带动齿轮分割器进行运动,并通过特殊的变频器实现与主机的同步;

4-phase soap sucking mechanism is driven by an independent motor, which runs the gear divider. The sucking mechanism can be synchronous with main machine through special frequency

2)      具有无皂不送纸功能;

No paper will be sent if the sensor does not sense the soap

3)      双排链条推皂机构,确保产品在运行过程中不松动,不偏移,保证包装效果;

Double-chain soap pushing mechanism makes sure that the products will be fully fixed and no excursion. The packing quality can be guaranteed.

4)      2+2放膜支架,方便更换包装材料;

2+2 film placing holder makes changing material very easy

5)      内外纸下纸采用双伺服电机和色标电眼进行包装纸的精确控制,下纸更加稳定追踪色标更加精准,从而保证包装效果,内外纸切刀亦采用双伺服控制,从而可以轻松设定切纸位置,更换规格无需更换任何零件,操作更加方便;

Film feeding is controlled accurately by servo motor and color sensor, so the film feeding is more stable and the color mark tracking is more accurate, hence ensuring good wrapping effect. The cutting blades for stiffener and the outer paper are both controlled by servo system too, so the cutting position can be very accurate. It’s more convenient now since no need change parts between different specifications.

6)      主传动伺服电机减速机一体机,配有同步带传动,精度高,传动链中采用硬齿面螺旋伞齿轮,并配有润滑油箱,极大改善了该机型的润滑,延长了设备使用寿命;

The main driving Servo motor  reducer is equipped with synchronous belt driving with high accuracy. The driving chain use spiral bevel gear and equips with lubrication box to improve the lubrication and extend the service life

精密加工Accurate machining

1)      机械主关件由CNC加工中心完成,确保零件优良的质量水平和互换性;

Main parts of the machine are produced by CNC machining center to guarantee the good quality and interchangeability.

2)      碳钢钢罩壳采用喷塑处理,整洁美观,并配置透明PC防护板,便于观察设备运行情况;

The carbon steel shield is handled with plastic-spraying, beautiful and clean. Transparent PC protection plate is appliedto obverse the running condition

严格检测 Strict test

1)      设备出厂前都会进行设备静态测试、24小时连续不间断空转运行、带料运转检测等多个环节;

Static test, 24 hours continuous unload running and loading running tests will be proceeded 

2)      会检查设备的安全性、完整性、稳定性、操作性,以及产品包装质量等;

Safety, completeness, stability, operability and packing quality will be tested

3)      产品出厂前,都会进行客户现场验收测试或将测试结果和录像发给客户进行确认

Before delivery, FAT will be carried out or videos and test result will be sent to clients for confirmation.

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