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Toilet Soap Translucent Soap Laundry Soap Hotel Soap Detergent Bar Soap Noodles Mixer China Manufacturer

Pelletizing Mixer with three-drives for toilet or transparent soap is a new developed bi-axial Z agitator.This type of mixer has agitator blade with 55° twist, to increase the mixing arc length, so to have soap inside the mixer stronger mixing. At the bottom of the mixer, an extruder’s screw is added. That screw can rotate in both directions. During the mixing period, the screw rotates in one direction to recirculate the soap to the mixing area, whine during soap discharging period, the screw rotates in another direction to extrude the soap out in form of pellets to feed the three-roll mill, installed below the mixer. The two agitators run in opposite directions and with different speeds, and are driven by two German SEW gear reducers separately. The rotating speed of fast agitator is 36 r/min while the slow agitator is 22 r/min. The screw diameter is 300 mm, rotating speed 5 to 20 r/min.
  • SPE-3D540Z SPE-3D600Z
  • SP

Product Sample


Sketch Map

Sketch Map

Technical Specification


2000S/2000ES-3D540Z 250 kg/batch

3000S/3000ES-3D600Z 350 kg/batch

Mechanical configurations:

1. All parts in contact with soap are in stainless steel 304 or 312;

2. Agitator diameter and shaft distance:

2000S/2000ES-3D540Z  540mmC.C. Distance 545 mm

3000S/3000ES-3D600Z  600mmC.C Distance 605 mm

3. Screw diameter: 300 mm

4. There are 3 three (3) gear reducers supplied by SEW to drive the mixer.

5. All bearings are supplied by SKF, Switzerland.

Electric configuration:

- Motors:  2000S/2000ES-3D540Z 15 kW +15 kW + 15 kW

          3000S/3000ES-3D600Z 18.5 kW +18.5 kW + 15 kW

- Frequency changer are supplied by ABB, Switzerland;

- Other electric parts are supplied by Schneider, France;

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