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Toilet Soap Translucent Soap Laundry Soap Hotel Soap Detergent Bar Vertical Soap Stamper with Freezing Dies China Factory

Vertical soap stamper with freezing dies
Description: The machine is subject to improvement in recent years. Now this stamper is one of the most reliable stampers in the world. This stamper is feature by its simple structure, modular design, easy to be maintained. This machine uses best mechanical parts, such as two-speed gear reducer, speed variator and right-angle drive supplied by Rossi, Italy; coupling and shrinking sleeve by German manufacturer, bearings by SKF, Sweden; Guide rail by THK, Japan; electric parts by Siemens, Germany. The feeding of soap billet is performed by a splitter, while the stamping and 60 degree rotating is completed by another splitter. The stamper is a mechatronic product. The control is realized by a PLC. It controls the vacuum and compressed air on/off during stamping.

  • 1000SPE-MFS-3
  • SP

Product Sample


Sketch Map

Sketch Map

Technical Specification

Capacity: 6 pieces in one stroke, 5 to 45 strokes per minute.

Compressed air pressure: 0.6 MPa.


The fabrication is in conformity with CE standard, passes BV certification. The control system meets C3 requirements;

Mechanical design:

  1.  All parts in contact with soap are in stainless steel or aviation hard aluminum;

  2. Complete with stamping die freezing system;

  3. Vacuum pump and stamping die are excluded from the supply.

  4. Two-speed gear reducer, speed variator and right angle drive are supplied by Rossi, Italy;

  5. Professional splitters are supplied Guanhua, China;

  6. Coupling and shrinking sleeve are by KTR, Germany;

  7. The straight guide rail is by THK, Japan;

  8.  All pneumatic components by SMC, Japan;

  9.  Frequency changer and PLC by Siemens, Germany;

  10.  Angle encoder by Nemicon, Japan.

  11.  Manual lub pump is for stamper’s lubrication.


All electric components are supplied by Schneider, France.

Total installed power: 5.5 kW + 0.55 kW + 0.55 kW + 0.75 kW

Mechanical threaded fasteners:

All mechanical threaded fasteners, incl. bolts are metric having property class over 8.8, together with anti-loose parts.

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