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What form of packaging is more suitable for preservation of infant milk powder?

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What form of packaging is more suitable for preservation of infant milk powder?

First, the role and importance of packaging of infant milk powder

In the process of processing, storage and handling, infant formula milk powder will have some unfavorable effects on nutrients in varying degrees. Packaging separates infant formula from the surrounding environment, thereby eliminating the effects of environmental factors (oxygen, humidity, light, temperature and microorganisms) on the milk powder, and avoiding physical and chemical changes in the nutrient contents. To ensure that the milk powder is in product circulation links with stable quality, extend shelf-life and storage-life of milk powder.

Stable and beautiful packaging can increase the value of infant milk powder to consumers with a sense of hygiene, nutrition, taste and sense of security. Thereby enhancing the value of the milk powder, effectively promote the sale of milk powder.

Second, the role of storage of nitrogen packaging

Nitrogen, accounting for 78% of the volume of air, exists in air as an elemental substance and is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. It is a colorless, non-toxic and tasteless inert gas.

Filling some nitrogen in the bags or cans that filled milk powder, segregated the milk powder direct contact from the oxygen in air, to prevent the oxygen and infant milk powder direct contact caused by with oxidation, fading, corruption and a variety of mold, bacteria, thus ensuring the freshness of infant milk powder, extending the storage period of infant milk powder.

Moreover, since the special physical properties of nitrogen is different from the preservative treatment of chemical, no residue remains. Because the two atoms of nitrogen are combined by three bonds, the structure of the nitrogen molecule is very stable, that is, the nitrogen molecule is not required electrons and not loosed electrons. Only under certain circumstances can the covalent bond be broken. Therefore, nitrogen is very stable under room temperature, it can be said that it is not active, so infant milk powder in nitrogen gas is not perishable, it will have a longer shelf-life and storage-life.

Third, the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of various packaging forms for milk powder

Commonly used infant milk powder packaging materials are mainly metal cans, plastic bags, green paper and several other materials. Below makes a simple comparison of the packaging form of infant milk powder:

1. Metal Cans


Sealing form: two layers sealed. Outer plastic cover + inner layer (foil film or metal lid)

High hardness of metal cans, performance for anti-extrusion and moisture-proof, ease of transport and storage. The cans of milk powder packaging cans are made of metal cans with the best quality and durability, the inner layer sealing is completely sealed, while the hard metal lid is better sealing performance than foil film, especially the performance of anti-extrusion in transport.
However, the cost of producing metal cans is also relatively high.

How to packaging the infant milk powder into metal cans, and filling the Nitrogen in metal cans, please visit the article of Automatic Milk Powder Can Filling Machine

2. Flexible Plastic Pouch


Sealing form: heat seal

Flexible plastic Pouch packing machine is also a common form of infant milk powder packaging. In view of the maturity and superiority of flexible packaging and packaging technology, sealing and barrier properties are not difficult to achieve.

However, the drawbacks of this kind of packaging still exist in the packaging cannot quantitative access after opened, cannot guarantee the safety and freshness of the contents.

3.  Environmentally Friendly Carton


Sealing form: heat seal or glue seal

Many foreign brands packaged in environmentally friendly carton, such carton packaging environmentally more friendly, simple and low cost.

However, moisture resistance is not good. In the storage and transportation is also very prone to crush injury and other packaging issues. At the same time, this kind of packaging also cannot solve the problem of carrying out quantitative taking conveniently. Unsealed, the protection of the nutrient content greatly reduced.

Fourth, the performance control points of three kinds of packaging

1.      Metal Cans

Metal cans infant milk powder packaging is the mainstream packaging of infant milk powder in market, but also a packaging form of exclusive high-end brand.
So, What are the main aspects of the main points of performance control of metal cans packaging?
Metal cans are mostly filled with nitrogen when packaging, the detection of residual oxygen in the cans is also essential, to prevent oxidative deterioration of milk powder due to excessive levels of oxygen.

Metal cans should be completely sealed after packed into commodities, otherwise barrier properties are out of the question, so the key of packaging is test the sealing performance.

2.      Flexible Plastic Bags

Flexible plastic bags are widely used in the field of infant milk powder packaging, and the technology is more mature. The main points of plastic flexible packaging control performance lie in the detection of the heat sealing performance of the packaging material. Because consumers repeatedly use the milk powder in the process of use, it is easy to form creases or tiny pinholes on the surface of the packaging material, resulting in the barrier of the packaging material of the decline. so, the anti-rubbing properties of packaging materials testing is also very important. Infant milk powder rich with nutrients, and it is easily oxidized or deliquescent metamorphosis. Water blocking, oxygen barrier resistance testing is also very necessary for packaging materials. The same, after packaging into the product, the testing of the sealing property is also indispensable.

3.      Environmentally Friendly Carton

Environmentally friendly carton packaging with the merits of environmentally friendly concept and exquisite printing, but also get a lot favor of milk powder companies. However, due to the particularity of our country climate and humidity and temperature. it is easily damp, poor performance of oxygen barrier. And, the packaging of environmentally friendly carton is easy to receive squeeze during transport, resulting in deformation. If the milk powder manufacturers want to use such packaging, packaging moisture resistance and compression performance is a very important performance control points.

Finally, while choosing the way of infant milk powder packaging , consumers should be more concerned about the milk powder intake is suitable for the growth of infants and young children. The one that suits you is the best.


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