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  • coffee powder packing machine

    New convenient small powder packing machine for packing seasoning powder tea powder coffee powder packaging machineThe Automatic Instant Coffee Bag Filling Sealing Detergent Snus Washing Powder Packaging Sugar Salt Spice Powder Packing Machine adopts correcting system controlled by microcomputer, ow   Read More>

  • sachet/bag packing machine

    The sachet machine can be used to fill pouches with a wide variety of liquids such as water, juices, wine, alcoholic beverages, soy milk, and various other liquids. This sachet machine has been proven to be very reliable and is very commonly used in areas such as Latin America and Africa, but can be   Read More>

  • Food Processing Seamers

    Industrial seamers provide for special needs and requirements of can manufacturing/production houses and certain food products undergoing the sealing process. Playing a big role in the preservation of canned food and beverage products, seamers are responsible for leak-proof sealing of lids to can bo   Read More>

  • Propack 2020 In Shanghai!

    We attend Propack 2020 in Shanghai, welcome all the customers and friends to visit our booth and our factory near Shanghai.   Read More>

  • What is an Auger Filler

    Before we proceed to how auger fillers work, you need to understand what makes auger fillers different from other power filling machines. Auger filling machines are versatile machines for the volumetric filling of either free-flowing or non-free flowing thick paste and powder products.Free-flowing p   Read More>

  • We Supply Conventional Maintenance Service for AAK

    We Supply Conventional Maintenance Service for AAKHebei Tech not only provide one stop solution for margarine making machine, but also provide conventional maintenance service for international companies in China. Our scraped surface heat exchanger have reach international standard. Maintenance Serv   Read More>

  • Canned milk powder and boxed milk powder, which is better?

    Introduction: In general, infant formula milk powder is mainly packaged in the cans, but there are also many milk powder packages in boxes (or bags). In terms of the pricing of milk, the cans are much more expensive than the boxes. What is the difference? I believe that many sales and consumers are   Read More>

  • Common Packing Styles of Milk Powder

    Hebei Tech mainly provides one-stop solution of packaging for milk powder, nutrition powder and other powder materials. These packaging include Tin can, Plastic pouch, Paper box and paper bags. The specific forms are as follows:1. Milk powder can filling & seaming 2. Milk powder pouch pack   Read More>

  • Double color soap machine will bring new economic growth point to the soap making industry!

    Double color soap machine becomes popular and popular in international soap market these days. To change the traditional single-color toilet /laundry soap into two-colored, a complete set of machinery to make soap cake with two different colors (and with different formulation, if required) has been developed. For example, darker part of the sandwich soap has high detergency and the white part of that sandwich soap is for skin care. One soap cake has two different functions in its different part. It not only gives new experience to customers, but also brings enjoyment to customers who use it.   Read More>

  • What form of packaging is more suitable for preservation of infant milk powder?

    First, the role and importance of packaging of infant milk powderIn the process of processing, storage and handling, infant formula milk powder will have some unfavorable effects on nutrients in varying degrees. Packaging separates infant formula from the surrounding environment, thereby eliminating   Read More>

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