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  • Common Packing Styles of Milk Powder

    Hebei Tech mainly provides one-stop solution of packaging for milk powder, nutrition powder and other powder materials. These packaging include Tin can, Plastic pouch, Paper box and paper bags. The specific forms are as follows:1. Milk powder can filling & seaming 2. Milk powder pouch pack   Read More>

  • Double color soap machine will bring new economic growth point to the soap making industry!

    Double color soap machine becomes popular and popular in international soap market these days. To change the traditional single-color toilet /laundry soap into two-colored, a complete set of machinery to make soap cake with two different colors (and with different formulation, if required) has been developed. For example, darker part of the sandwich soap has high detergency and the white part of that sandwich soap is for skin care. One soap cake has two different functions in its different part. It not only gives new experience to customers, but also brings enjoyment to customers who use it.   Read More>

  • What form of packaging is more suitable for preservation of infant milk powder?

    First, the role and importance of packaging of infant milk powderIn the process of processing, storage and handling, infant formula milk powder will have some unfavorable effects on nutrients in varying degrees. Packaging separates infant formula from the surrounding environment, thereby eliminating   Read More>

  • Regular Equipment Maintenance for Our Previous Customer

    We supplied regular equipment maintenance for our previous customer, the scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) have already worked in customer’s factory for more than 10 years, it is still working smoothly.   Read More>

  • A neuro-computing approach for modeling of residence time distribution (RTD) of carrot cubes in a vertical scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE)

    A neuro-computing approach was used for modeling two residence time distribution (RTD) functions-the time-specific (E-type distribution) and the cumulative particle concentration function (F-type distribution)- of carrot cubes in starch solutions in a vertical scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) o   Read More>

  • Middle Old Age Milk Powder Market 2020 to 2025 Growth, Demand and Supply Analysis

    Global Middle Old Age Milk Powder Market, delivering a must-read report for industry stakeholders wanting to understand the strategic landscape of this increasing sector. Readers will find an in-depth analysis of the market and how it will impact existing traditional markets, as well as insights int   Read More>

  • Food Packing: How to Ensure Your Packaging System for Milk Powder

    Food packaging must totally conform to the FDA instructions to ensure the food quality and safety. The baby food and nutrient food are some kinds of delicate food that should be cast more concerns on.Infant baby milk powder is among the highest risk consumable powders sold worldwide. It’s also a foo   Read More>

  • What Is Milk Powder Packaging Process?

    What is milk powder packaging process? As technology evolves, it has become very simple, requiring only the following steps. Milk powder packaging process: Finishing cans → turning pot, blowing and washing, sterilizing machine → powder filling machine → chain plate conveyor belt →can seamer → code m   Read More>

  • What is a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger and What Does It Do?

    Scraped surface heat exchanger-Votator were designed to improve upon issues that their predecessors were having problems with. Scraped surface heat exchanger-Votators incorporate an internal mechanism which periodically removes the product from the heat transfer wall. Most technologies in direct hea   Read More>

  • Myanmar delegation visited our cellophane over wrapping machine factory!!!

    Production manager and equipment technicians from our Myanmar client, Pacific Co., Ltd, visited our cellophane over wrapping machine factory on sep.16, 2020, and had a deep discussion for the over wrapping solution. The next day, the delegation visited the paper packaging machine for toilet soap in   Read More>

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