High Speed Automatic Filling Machine (2 lines 4 fillers) Model SPCF-W2

Short Description:

This series machine is a new-designed that we make it on placing the old Turn plate Feeding on one side. Dual auger filling within one line main-assist fillers and the originated Feeding system can keep the high-precision and take off the tiring cleaning of the turntable. It can do the accurate weighing & filling work, and also could combined with other machines to buildup a whole can-packing production line. This machine could be used in filling milk powder, albumen powder, condiment, dextrose, rice flour, cocoa powder, solid drink, and so on.

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Main features

One line dual fillers, Main & Assist filling to keep work in high-precision.
Can-up and horizontal transmitting is controlled by servo and pneumatic system, be more accurate, more speed.
Servo motor and servo driver control the screw, keep stable and accurate
Stainless steel structure, Split hopper with polishing inner-out make it to cleaned easily.
PLC & touch screen make it be easy of operation.
Fast-respond weighing system make the strongpoint to real
The handwheel make the exchange of different filings to be easily.
Dust-collecting cover meet the pipeline and protect environment to pollution.
Horizontal straight design make the machine in little area
Settled screw setup make no metal pollution in producing
Process: can-into → can-up → vibration → filling → vibration → vibration  → weighing & tracing → reinforce → weight checking → Can-out
With whole system central control system.

Main technical data

Dosing mode

Double lines dual filler filling with online weighing
Filling Weight 100 – 2000g
Container Size Φ60-135mm; H 60-260mm
Filling Accuracy 100-500g, ≤±1g; ≥500g,≤±2g
Filling Speed 80 - 100 cans/min
Power Supply 3P  AC208-415V  50/60Hz
Total Power 5.1 kw
Total Weight 650kg
Air Supply 6kg/cm  0.3cbm/min
Overall Dimension 2920x1400x2330mm
Hopper Volume 85L(Main) 45L (Assist)

Main function



Equipment drawing 


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