Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger-SPA

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Our chilling unit (A unit) is modeled after the Votator type of scrap surface heat exchanger and combines the special features of the European design to take advantage of the two worlds. It shares many small interchangeable components. Mechanical seal and scraper blades are typical interchangeable parts. The heat transfer cylinder consists of a pipe in pipe design with inner pipe for product and outer pipe for cooling refrigerant. The inner tube is designed for very high pressure process operation. The jacket is designed for flooded direct evaporative cooling of either Freon or ammonia.

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SPA SSHE Advantage

*Outstanding Durability
Completely sealed, fully insulated, corrosion-free stainless steel casing guarantees years of trouble-free operation.

*Narrower Annular Space
The narrower 7mm annular space is specially designed for the crystallization of grease to ensure more efficient cooling.*Higher Shaft Rotation Speed
Shaft rotation speed up to 660rpm brings better quenching and shearing effect.

*Improved Heat Transmission
Special, corrugated chilling tubes improve the heat transmission value.

*Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
In terms of cleaning, Hebeitech aims to make the CIP cycle fast and efficient. In terms of maintenance, two workers can quickly and safely dismantle the shaft without lifting equipment.

*Higher Transmission Efficiency
Synchronous belt transmission to obtain higher transmission efficiency.

*Longer Scrapers
The 762mm long scrapers makes chilling tube durable

Product seal adopts silicon carbide wear-resistant ring balanced design, rubber O ring use food grade silicone

The product contact parts are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the crystal tube is made of carbon steel, and the surface is plated with a hard layer

*Modular Design
The modular design of the product makes
the maintenance cost lower.

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Technical parameters Technical Spec. Unit SPA-1000 SPA-2000
Rated production capacity (margarine) Nominal Capacity(Puff pastry margarine) kg/h 1000 2000
Rated production capacity (shortening) Nominal Capacity(Shortening) kg/h 1200 2300
Main motor power Main Power kw 11 7.5+11
The spindle diameter Dia. Of Main Shaft mm 126 126
Product layer clearance Annular Space mm 7 7
Cooling area of crystallizing cylinder Heat Transmission Surface m2 0.7 0.7+0.7
Material barrel volume Tube Volume L 4.5 4.5+4.5
Cooling tube inner diameter/length Inner Dia./Length of Cooling Tube mm 140/1525 140/1525
Scraper row number Rows of Scraper pc 2 2
Spindle speed of scraper Rotating Speed of Main Shaft rpm 660 660
Maximum working pressure (product side) Max.Working Pressure (material side) bar 60 60
Maximum working pressure (refrigerant side) Max.Working Pressure (medium side) bar 16 16
Minimum evaporation temperature Min. Evaporating Temp. -25 -25
Product pipe interface dimensions Processing Pipe Size   DN32 DN32
Diameter of refrigerant feed pipe Dia. of Refrigerant Supply Pipe mm 19 22
Refrigerant return pipe diameter Dia. of Refrigerant Return Pipe mm 38 54
Hot water tank volume Hot Water Tank Volume L 30 30
Hot water tank power Power of Hot Water Tank kw 3 3
Hot water circulating pump power Power of Hot Water Circulation Pump kw 0.75 0.75
Machine size Overall Dimension mm 2500*600*1350 2500*1200*1350
Weight Gross Weight kg 1000 1500

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