At present, the company has more than 50 professional technicians and employees, over 2000 m2 of professional industry workshop, and has developed a series of “SP” brand high-end packaging equipment, such as Auger filler, Powder can filling machine, Powder blending machine, VFFS and etc. All the equipment have passed CE certification, and meet the GMP certification requirements.

Soap Finishing Line

  • Super-charged plodder for translucent /toilet soap

    Super-charged plodder for translucent /toilet soap

    This is a two-stage extruder. Each worm is speed adjustable. The upper stage is for refining of soap, while the lower stage is for plodding of the soap. Between the two stages there is a vacuum chamber where air is evacuated from the soap to eliminate air bubbles in the soap. The high pressure in the lower barrel make soap compact then the soap is extruded out to form continuous soap bar.

  • Pelletizing Mixer with three-drives Model ESI-3D540Z

    Pelletizing Mixer with three-drives Model ESI-3D540Z


    Pelletizing Mixer with three-drives for toilet or transparent soap is a new developed bi-axial Z agitator.This type of mixer has agitator blade with 55° twist, to increase the mixing arc length, so to have soap inside the mixer stronger mixing. At the bottom of the mixer, an extruder’s screw is added. That screw can rotate in both directions. During the mixing period, the screw rotates in one direction to recirculate the soap to the mixing area, whine during soap discharging period, the screw rotates in another direction to extrude the soap out in form of pellets to feed the three-roll mill, installed below the mixer. The two agitators run in opposite directions and with different speeds, and are driven by two German SEW gear reducers separately. The rotating speed of fast agitator is 36 r/min while the slow agitator is 22 r/min. The screw diameter is 300 mm, rotating speed 5 to 20 r/min.


  • High-precision Two-scrapers Bottom Discharged roller Mill

    High-precision Two-scrapers Bottom Discharged roller Mill

    This bottom discharged mill with three rolls and two scrapers are design for professional soap producers. The soap particle size can reach 0.05 mm after milling. The size of milled soap is uniformly distributed, that means 100% of efficiency. The 3 rolls, made from stainless alloy 4Cr, are driven by 3 gear reducers with their own speed. The gear reducers are supplied by SEW, Germany. The clearance between rolls can be adjusted independently; the adjusting error is 0.05 mm max. The clearance is fixed by shrinking sleeves supplied by KTR, Germany, and set screws.


  • Super-charged refiner Model 3000ESI-DRI-300

    Super-charged refiner Model 3000ESI-DRI-300


    The refining using screw refiner is traditional in soap finishing processes. The milled soap is further refined and filtered to make the soap more fine and smooth. So this machine is essential in making high-grade toilet soap and translucent soaps.