At present, the company has more than 50 professional technicians and employees, over 2000 m2 of professional industry workshop, and has developed a series of “SP” brand high-end packaging equipment, such as Auger filler, Powder can filling machine, Powder blending machine, VFFS and etc. All the equipment have passed CE certification, and meet the GMP certification requirements.

Surface Scrape Heat Exchanger

  • Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger-SPA

    Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger-SPA

    Our chilling unit (A unit) is modeled after the Votator type of scrap surface heat exchanger and combines the special features of the European design to take advantage of the two worlds. It shares many small interchangeable components. Mechanical seal and scraper blades are typical interchangeable parts. The heat transfer cylinder consists of a pipe in pipe design with inner pipe for product and outer pipe for cooling refrigerant. The inner tube is designed for very high pressure process operation. The jacket is designed for flooded direct evaporative cooling of either Freon or ammonia.

  • Surface Scraped Heat Exchanger-SPX

    Surface Scraped Heat Exchanger-SPX

    SPX series Scraped surface heat exchanger is particularly suited for continuous heating and cooling of viscous, sticky, heat-sensitive and particulate food products. It can operate with a wide range of media products. It is used in continuous processes such as heating, aseptic cooling, cryogenic cooling, crystallization, disinfection, pasteurization and gelation.

  • Surface Scraped Heat Exchanger-SPT

    Surface Scraped Heat Exchanger-SPT


    Ftherm® SPT Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers are a perfect replacement for the Terlotherm’s Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger , however, Ftherm ®SPT SSHEs costs only a quarter of their price.


    Many prepared foods and other products cannot obtain the best heat transfer due to their consistency. For example, foods containing large, sticky, sticky or crystalline products can quickly block or clog certain parts of the heat exchanger. This scraper heat exchanger absorbs the characteristics of Dutch equipment and adopts special designs that can heat or cool those products that affect the heat transfer effect. When the product is fed into the material cylinder through the pump, the scraper holder and the scraper device ensure an even temperature distribution, while continuously and gently mixing the product, the material is scraped away from the heat exchange surface.


  • Surface Scraped Heat Exchanger-SPK

    Surface Scraped Heat Exchanger-SPK

    A horizontal scraper heat exchanger that can be used to heat or cool products with a viscosity of 1000 to 50000cP is especially suitable for medium viscosity products. Its horizontal design allows it to be installed in a cost-effective manner. It is also easy to repair because all components can be maintained on the ground.

  • Margarine Pilot Plant Model SPX-LAB (Lab scale)

    Margarine Pilot Plant Model SPX-LAB (Lab scale)

    Margarine/shortening pilot plant consists of small emulsification tank, pasteurizer system, Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, refrigerant flooded evaporative cooling system, pin worker machine, package machine, PLC and HMI control system and electrical cabinet. An optional Freon compressor is available. Every component is designed and fabricated in-house to simulate our full scale production equipment. All critical components are imported brand, including Siemens, Schneider and Parkers etc. The system could use either ammonia or Freon for chilling.